March 2020

January 2020 | Text by Sara Grizzo 

The challenge of being a translator – and a client – in the age of AI

The arrival of Neural Machine Translation has turned the translation industry on its head. Time for companies to reap the opportunities; time for translators to find their place in this new more...

January 2020 | Text by Dr. Arle Lommel 

Beyond translation: Conversational content in a multilingual world

Conversations flow very differently in different languages and countries. But does your chatbot know that? Here is what to keep in mind when localizing conversational more...

January 2020 | Text by Leah Guren 

The TC professional: a true Jack-of-all-trades

The dinner party was well underway. The setting was the lovely home of a good friend, complete with stunning views of the city at night. The guests were charming and intelligent. The food and wine were excellent. With all these ingredients, it was no surprise that the conversation flowed easily. We shared stories and laughter, and let the subject morph naturally from topic to topic, touching more...