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TCTrainNet is a new international training program for technical communication (TC) that includes

  • acknowledged international tekom certifications for technical communicators on various levels,
  • online training for technical communication via the TCTraining Platform and
  • a cooperation between TCTraining Partners and TCCertification Partners via the TCPartnersNet.

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January 2018 | By Daniela Straub 

The technical communicator: sought internationally – but little-known

What does a compliance manager do? And how much are technical communicators paid? In the outside world, not much is known about tc and its many occupational profiles. But this is set to change, with tekom and its many volunteers embarking on numerous activities to change the awareness of this prosperous professional more...
April 2017 | By Monika Engelke 

TCTrainNet adds training unit on Simplified Technical English

As a technical writer, your main task is to transfer technical information to users in a clear way to help prevent user errors. In global organizations, a large amount of user information is written in English, with STE (Simplified Technical English) playing an important role as an international standard. Professional technical writers have a lot to gain by using this standard to communicate more...
May 2015

New module supplements TCTrainNet Program

With the new module "Rule-Based Writing – English for Non-Native Writers", TCTrainNet is expanding the spectrum of topics in its English-language qualification and certification concept for technical communicators. read more...
May 2015 | By Dave Gardiner 

tekom technical communication training and certification - an insider report

Dave Gardiner shares his experiences studying for certification through one of the most prominent technical communication training more...
March 2014

TCTrainNet India - Technical Communication Training and Certification in India

tekom’s international training and certification program TCTrainNet has been developed with particular focus on international businesses, who want to establish a common standard for technical communication teams across the globe. read more...
November 2012 | By Sofia Gamisonia 

arvato TI becomes a new official partner of TCTrainNet in Spain

The Spanish branch of arvato has recently become an official partner of TCTrainNet, tcworld’s international training and certification program for technical communicators. By signing the agreement with tcworld, arvato TI will be integrated into a global network of training centers, members of which are based in Korea, Japan, Denmark, now Spain and others in the more...
October 2012 | By Tony Self 

Certification – a pathway to professionalism

To be truly professional, technical communication needs formalized training, certification of competency, and ongoing professional development opportunities. TCTrainNet, tekom’s international training and certification program for technical communication, has been created to provide such a pathway to more...