April 2016

Professionals and diverse ideas converge at tcworld India 2016

On the bright and sunny morning of February 25, 2016, the swanky lobby of ITC Gardenia, Bangalore, was all set to welcome what would become a record number of participants to the 6th tcworld India conference: more than 300 professionals.

It was also the first tc event in India that saw eight workshops conducted in packed conference rooms with eager participants devouring practical lessons in writing, rules, grammar, content, tools, and much more.

But practical sessions weren’t the only thing on offer. Two inspiring keynotes opened the day for participants. In addition, the day also brought diverse and thought-provoking presentations and sessions, thus creating a well-rounded and satisfying experience for all. The topics treated included human auditory processing and speech recognition; change management in documentation projects; interactive videos; creating XML-based, structured content with Adobe FrameMaker; Kanbanizing your documentation life cycle; digital transformation – is your content future-ready?; an introduction to API technical writing; when bad design happens to good people; creating video tutorials; preventing ambiguity by improving consistency in technical communication: rule-based writing; an ask-the-experts session; and a captivating panel discussion on whether YouTube and Google are making technical writing redundant.

The programming track also received a taxonomy of sorts, with the talks being allotted to intelligent content, careers, leadership and best practices, tools, and workshops. This allowed the participants to plan ahead and choose their talks depending on their areas of interest.

The audience was just as diverse and engaging as the presentations: People from different companies, with varied roles and manifold challenges, had lively discussions about problems and solutions. During tea breaks, the participants used the expansive dining area with its comfortable sofas and seats to network, exchange cards and ideas, meet up with old friends, laugh, discuss, and debate. The air was abuzz with life, energy and an exuberant joie de vivre that extended into the evening and the networking dinner, dance and musical jamboree. Almost unanimous was the appreciation for the undeniably delectable and lip-smacking array of food items laid out for participants.

With so much happening during two days, it wasn’t surprising that, as the conference drew to an end, there was a lull in the air, as happens when good things come to an end. But here is the beauty of tcworld India: It will certainly return in 2017!