March 2012
By Julie DiRosa

tcworld India 2012 combines fashion and profession

Professional networking, inspiring presentations and workshops as well as fashion and music were the main factors that turned the second tcworld India conference into a major success. The event that was co-organized by tekom and the Technical Writers of India (TWIN) took place at the Vivanta by Taj in Bangalore from February 22-25.

Offering career-changing learning opportunities, the conference brought together more than 330 attendees, among them world business leaders. Presenters came from Germany, India, the U.S. and Australia to provide insights and share their experiences on important topics such as mobile documentation, cloud computing, documentation standards, localization, internationalization and project management.

Pre-conference webinars were offered for additional learning opportunities. Among them was a session by Praful Jain from Adobe on Multi-screen Publishing and Next Generation Collaboration Workflows in RoboHelp. In addition, Tony Self a DITA specialist of Hyperwrite in Melbourne, Australia, explained the Separation of Content and Form when using DITA.

The main event was launched with an opening ceremony with addresses from Mr. Akash Dubey (TWIN), Dr. Michael Fritz and Mrs. Isabelle Fleury (both tekom). As a special guest the conference welcomed Mr. Janardhana Swamy, member of parliament in India, who stressed the importance of good communication tools in the educational system.

Dr. Michael Fritz also welcomed eight technical writers, who had recently obtained tekom’s TCTrainNet Certificate. They were called on stage and received a big applause by their peers. They all expressed their gratitude to tekom for giving them the opportunity to enhance their professional skills.

International exhibition and conference

Well-known corporations from around the world sponsored the event: Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Docufy, Enssner Zeitgeist, Information Mapping, MadCap, Oracle, PTC, SAP, SPX, and Tibco. They presented their products and services at the exhibition and also recruited new talents.

Regarding the business opportunities of the conference, Madcaps vice president Michael Hamilton stated: “This conference provides the right platform for us. After advertising at such a conference we see an immediate rise in sales for the next 30 days and a longer term rise in sales in the region later. We are quite happy to be here again and look forward to the next conference.”

Throughout the day, presentations were held by some of the industry’s most recognized professionals. Topics included metrics for technical communication, cloud computing, and mobile content strategies, to name just a few.   

Two panel discussions were the highlights of the second conference day. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler from the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe led a discussion on Content Management Systems in Practical Applications, that included Uwe Reißenweber and Stefan Bradenbrink. Together with Suneeta Aggarwal from Tibco Software and Ken Chu from Oracle, Isabelle Fleury conducted the second panel discussion on the Role of Emerging Economies.

Mrs. Fleury later stated: “The conference was great. It was very nice to see the high level of interest generated. It is different from last year as there is greater networking now. In the end, I feel that this conference helps foster professionalism.”

Another conference participant, Mr. Amit Kilpady from SAP Labs India, shared this positive view: “The topics were very relevant and I enjoyed the presentations very much.”

A glimpse of Indian culture

The international dinner and networking party that took place in the evening of the first conference day provided a great opportunity to relax and unwind. The rich buffet offered a large variety of Indian specialties. The entertainment portion of the night did not fail to please. TWIN had organized the event ‘Beauty with Brains’, which included two fashion shows featuring traditional Indian fashion as well as a collection of modern street clothes. Gururaj BS, Director of TWIN, said: “The purpose behind the event was to unite all the technical writers and take a break from our usual boring life.”

The evening entertainment proceeded with the live performance of some beautiful Indian songs. Later on a DJ lured everyone onto the dance floor, where attendees, sponsors and presenters danced until closing time.

Attendees leave positive feedback

As the conference has shown, there is a strong interest in the field of technical writing in India.

Ram Shanmugal of Tata Interactive Systems, said that there is a large demand and need for technical writers in India. “In two years it is going to become a sought after job. There are certain norms in Europe and the U.S. for the standardization of writing in various industries – especially the automobile industry – and these standards are being adopted in India.”

Student Pradyumma A.K commented: “It was a great venue and all the people participating had a lot to offer. There was a lot to learn from the speakers’ experiences in technical writing.”

Tekom’s managing director Dr. Michael Fritz concluded: “We came to India about three years ago and realized that there is a large demand for technical writers. Last year we had 300 participants at this conference, and this year the number has increased by 10%.

A wealth of opportunities – ranging from networking with technical and business experts to career-advancing certifications – will await attendees of next year's tcworld India.

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#1 Sita Bhatt wrote at Tue, Mar 13 answer

One of the best networking and learning opportunities that technical writers can have in India! Must join next year, every year!