February 2014
By Akash Dubey and Gururaj B.S.

tcworld India: we’ve come a long way

This year tcworld India will host its fourth conference in Bangalore. With approximately 400 visitors expected, it is the largest gathering of technical writers and translators on the subcontinent.

The year 2011 witnessed an important milestone for the technical communication industry in India. The oldest and largest community of Indian technical communicators Technical Writers of India (TWIN), in partnership with tekom, organized the first international conference for technical writers in India: tcworld India.

A successful start

The first tcworld India conference was a roaring success. It was – and still is – the only event where participants come face to face with stalwarts and experts in technical communication from around the world (Australia, Belgium, Germany, India, Singapore, Ukraine, USA, and more). This was the only event in India where participants got first-hand exposure to global trends, standards, and best practices in the field of technical communication. Despite being a new brand, tcworld India established itself as a premier and must-attend event for technical communicators at all experience levels:

  • Individuals looking to progress their careers
  • Managers looking to brainstorm with peers and to hire talented professionals
  • Directors looking to contribute to the industry and to get informed on the latest trends

And that’s not all. Documentation service providers and tool vendors got the opportunity to interact with decision makers such as documentation managers, directors, and architects. International vendors established contacts with local partners to promote their products and services.

Overall, this first international event offered great learning and business opportunities to all participants.

The journey

After the phenomenal success of the first conference, there has been no looking back. The tcworld India conference has been growing strongly. It has witnessed an increase of more than ten percent in participation every year. The number of international presenters has seen a steady growth as well. And, these aren’t invited presenters, but they participated using the “Call for Paper” route. This can clearly be attributed to the tcworld India brand appeal.

To capitalize on this brand appeal and to increase participation further, the scope of the tcworld India conference was broadened in 2013. For tcworld India 2013, the track Translation was added, as it is closely related to technical writing. This track attracted nearly 100 translators, making it one of the largest gatherings of translators in India.

To specifically address documentation project leads, managers, and directors, the exclusive tcworld India Executive Workshops were organized in 2012 and 2013. These too were very well received, as they offered brainstorming, networking, and a focused learning opportunity for the leadership community.

The team

The tcworld India conference was conceptualized by the TWIN and tekom leadership teams, which include experts with decades of collective experience in various facets of technical communication. They have a deep understanding of the technical communication and translation domains, the requirements of small and large teams, aspirations of individual contributors, challenges of the leadership community, and much more. This understanding has helped the team to craft high-quality programs for the technical communicators and translators in India.

The leadership team is also supported by volunteers from the TWIN community. Their enthusiasm, commitment, and passion help to make these events successful.

The road ahead

Considering that Indian industries as well as its professionals are increasingly involved in global markets, the TWIN and tekom leadership team is striving to provide learning opportunities around latest trends, tools, best practices, and standards that are shaping the technical communication and translation industries. The goal is to make the tcworld India events best-in-class and must-attend international events.

tcworld India has already come a long way in this journey, but this is just a beginning. Stay tuned for more…