June 2014
By Anke Mecklenbrauck and Kiriaki Kampouridou

Sponsors and partners of the tekom Europe Roadshow

Our sponsors:

The Roadshow is hosted by the following tekom Europe country organizations: www.tekom.eu

tekom Europe Roadshow 2014 unites tc professionals in eight cities

Following the success of last year’s Roadshow, tekom Europe will hit the road in 2014 to bring together tc professionals from across Europe. The mobile one-day conference that will be hosted in eight European cities in September encourages a fruitful dialogue between industry experts, decision-makers and managers in the field of technical communication.

Which social media channels are relevant in tc and how can technical writers utilize them? How can authors create adaptive content, which adjusts to different output formats and devices? What’s state-of-the-art regarding the production of multilingual content?

Numerous presentations, workshops, and panel discussions are seeking to answer these and many other questions at the tekom Europe Roadshow this year.

The program

The conference offers participants a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge and exchange ideas regarding various topics around the main theme of this year’s conference: Technical communication on the Move. Standards - Processes - Intelligent Publishing for Success.

The roadshow seeks to spread information and knowledge on the latest industry trends. All presentations are strictly product-neutral and clearly related to the main conference theme. In each of the eight conference cities the program will emphasize a different industry including software, medical engineering and technology, automobile engineering, machinery and manufacturing.

In addition to the varying industry focus, each city will witness different presentations on topics such as

Standards (understanding and applying standards in the techcomm workflow; influence of standards on media production; latest developments, etc.,

Conceptual Design (creating a media concept, style guide, content strategy, workflow planning, etc.),

Publishing (cross-media publishing, mobile documentation, single-source publishing, DITA, etc.) and

Customer Feedback (social media, user feedback, user-generated content, etc.) .

Enabling a fruitful exchange of knowledge and ideas between technical communicators from across Europe is the roadshow’s principal goal. The conference will offer participants many opportunities for networking with their peers. Interactive sessions and panel discussions are designed specifically to enable a lively dialogue between the speakers and the audience.

The participants

The roadshow is targeted at decision-makers and professionals in the field of technical communication who are eager to learn and share their knowledge about the latest industry trends. The organizers expect attendees from a large spectrum of professional backgrounds ranging from technical writers, information designers, technical documentation/communication managers to marketing executives, heads of technical documentation departments, and many more.  

Information and Contact

The tekom Europe Roadshow is organized by tcworld GmbH, the service provider of tekom Europe, Europe’s largest professional association for technical communication. Currently the tekom Europe Roadshow team is preparing the conference program. A large number of sponsors have already confirmed their generous support (see the list of sponsors on the left). In addition, the Roadshow thrives on the support of many country organizations of tekom Europe (see the list of participating country organizations on the left).     

Registration is now open.

For more information visit http://roadshow.tekom.eu or contact roadshow[at]tekom.eu.

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your network and to gain new ideas and insights regarding the latest trends in technical communication. We look forward to seeing you at the tekom Europe Roadshow 2014!