January 2016
Interview by Corinna Melville

Image: @ stockshoppe/123rf.com

Jaroslav Rázek is CEO and Sales Director of QA Czech, a regional language vendor of Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian. He started his career in translation in 2001 and since then has worked in managerial positions in the Czech Republic, China, Hungary and Poland.


Why not India?

The tcworld India conference has established itself as the main event for technical writers and language professionals in India and provides an excellent learning platform for content creators and translators from around the world.

In 2016, tcworld India will return to Bangalore for its 6th international conference and is expected to draw more than 300 professionals to its interactive presentations, workshops and panel discussions.

Jaroslav Rázek, CEO and Sales Director of the Czech language service provider QA Czech, visited the event in 2015 and shared his experience with tcworld magazine:

Tell us about tcworld India 2015? What made it special for you?

From my experience, the tcworld India in Bangalore was quite unique. The attendees were enthusiastic, true professionals – people with lots of practical knowledge with real challenges, topics and experiences in the field of technical communication. Together, they created an excellent atmosphere.


Why do you think it is an important event not only for Indian technical writers and translators, but also for professionals from other countries?

It was not easy to convince our company management that tcworld India is the event for us because QA Czech is a small regional languages vendor for Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian. I would say that around 99 percent of our products are translations. Therefore, attending a conference mainly focused on technical writing required us to shift our sales interests to an area that we had never really explored before. However, the conference (as all such events) was not just about technical writing, but also a great place for business networking. And that’s what really makes it worth attending. 


What target group is the event best suited for?

Well, I think the conference is a great place for all professionals in the field of technical writing and information development and the reason is simple: You can meet great people from the “Indian Silicon Valley”. Its friendly atmosphere also provides room for people from the translation business. We all have topics for sharing, starting with MT engines and ending with CAT tools and their strong and weak points.


Why India?

Everybody is asking me this. And my reply is: why not India?! The Bangalore area in particular is known as a center of innovative developments, and I decided to take a closer look at this place where top-class technologies are being developed. And this is just the materialistic aspect. In addition, there is the spiritual aspect of visiting India. Those who have been there will understand what I mean.


What can we expect from the upcoming conference in February 2016?

I am personally visiting the conference again to catch up with the business partners from Indian LSPs I have met last year (who have become more than just business partners by now). QA Czech successfully finished many projects for those local LSPs (translations into Central European languages) and it will be a great opportunity to evaluate the cooperation and to develop new strategies for the future.

I encourage those new to tcworld India to attend the event with an open mind: Indian companies have so many things to offer us and vice versa. I expect the upcoming event will be another fruitful gathering of enthusiastic professionals, where business partnerships and friendships can form and flourish.


Find out more about tcworld India 2016 and register online.