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September 2014 | By Louise Law 

Cycling for humanity

The annual OnOurBikes fund raising tour has raised 10,025 US dollars for the Translators without Borders charity. The funds help to train Kenyan healthcare translators.read more...
July 2014 | By Christine Keller 

tekom Europe and tcworld in China - 2014

tekom Europe e.V. establishes cooperation with the China Association for Standardization.read more...
June 2014 | By Anke Mecklenbrauck and Kiriaki Kampouridou 

tekom Europe Roadshow 2014 unites tc professionals in eight cities

Following the success of last year’s Roadshow, tekom Europe will hit the road in 2014 to bring together tc professionals from across Europe. The mobile one-day conference that will be hosted in eight European cities in September encourages a fruitful dialogue between industry experts, decision-makers and managers in the field of technical communication. read more...