Yamagata Europe, the European subsidiary of Yamagata Corporation, has announced a strategic partnership with Dutch start-up TXTOmedia. Yamagata Europe will make use of TXTOmedia’s software platform to convert structured content into video.

Thinking of pursuing a career in technical communication? Check out tekom's latest video and follow in the footsteps of the people who are leading successful careers in media, IT and language.

SDL has released the latest version of SDL Tridion Docs, a component-based content management system that allows contributors within an organization to author, review and collaborate on any type of structured content. SDL Tridion Docs 14 helps companies to create, translate, manage and deliver structured content such as financial and legal documents, technical product documents and eLearning material involving numerous contributors.

ACTITO S.A., a provider of marketing automation, has acquired SmartFocus. SmartFocus is a SaaS ("Software as a Service") digital marketing platform created in 1999. The company is headquartered in London and operates worldwide. The acquisition of SmartFocus supports ACTITO’s plans for geographic expansion and growth following the sale of its subsidiary MediQuality to the US company WebMD Health Corp.

Leadership coaching provider DierkeHouben is now offering a 3-months program for next-generation C-level leaders. The program includes a 2-day intake session in Switzerland, a 5-day explorative leadership learning in Kenya, as well as 3 months of one-on-one coaching. Applications are now open and the early-bird discount applies until July 1st, 2019.

The business and translation management system Plunet BusinessManager is now available in version 7.4. A major change in Plunet 7.4 is the new workflow view, which offers users a simpler way of working with automated processes. Workflow templates can now be created and modified more easily than before.

BitcoinPlay has developed the infographic "What the Crypto!?" illustrating the history and impact of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The infographic provides an insight into the 25 most prominent cryptocurrencies, their story, and market impact. 

December 2019

"Gen Zers" behave differently to Millennials

CIOs must adapt their leadership approach to seize the digital capabilities that will be valued by our digital society.read more...
November 2019

Technology, process automation, and continuous localization changes pricing strategies in language services

Will the language services industry follow the lead of industries like marketing and music that changed their pricing models to survive? Or will it fall victim to completely different approaches inspired by gig-economy entrants?read more...
October 2019

Self-service is a last resort for customers

Only nine percent of customers report resolving their issues completely via self-service, according to research firm Gartner, Inc. Many companies create more channels for customer service, but this creates complex customer resolution journeys, as customers switch frequently between channels.read more...
September 2019

The future of work is dynamic and adaptive

Forrester has released its "Guide to the future of work".read more...
August 2019

Translators without Borders travels to Goma to assist with the Ebola crisis

The World Health Organization has declared Ebola an international emergency. Translators without Borders provides assistance in this crisis by translating crucial information into the local languages.read more...
July 2019

TAUS releases Transcreation Best Practices and Guidelines

TAUS recently published the Transcreation Best Practices and Guidelines for the translation industry. It aims to form a useful basis for further, industry-wide discussion around the definitions and processes of transcreation.read more...
July 2019

GDPR still a mystery to SMEs: the risks of non-compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. But despite enormous publicity surrounding the new amendment to the European data protection law, many business owners still lack knowledge about the consequences of not meeting its provisions and requirements.read more...