May 2017

Are we ready for Virtual Reality?

Research and advisory firm Forrester is making the call that marketers may be ramping up for Virtual Reality (VR), but consumers aren't ready for it yet.

Based on Forrester data, 42 percent of US online adults in 2016 hadn't heard about Virtual Reality headsets, and 46 percent said they don't see a use for VR in their lives. According to new research by Thomas Husson and Samantha Merlivat, critical-mass consumer adoption of high-end VR is still at least five years away.

Husson and Merlivat evaluated the current VR market, identifying key factors that marketers should consider before diving into VR, such as whether their customers are early adopters of tech innovation and if VR is a natural fit for their brands. To back it up, the report includes data on how VR aligns with consumers' behaviors and expectations.

The full report is available to Forrester clients only.