November 2018

CSA releases comprehensive machine translation research and video Series

Machine translation (MT) can fulfill many different roles within a language service provider’s (LSPs) organization. Based on research started in 2011, CSA Research is releasing 10 online modules on topics ranging from the basics of MT technology to how to integrate it with other translation technologies.

Together, with the comprehensive research from 14 in-depth recent MT reports, these videos provide all the actionable knowledge and data that LSPs will need to step into and embrace the world of MT. 


Videos in CSA Research’s in-depth MT coverage include: 


Module 1. Machine Translation: Foundation and Fundamentals 

Module 2. Business Use Cases for Machine Translation (MT) 

Module 3. Deploying Machine Translation (MT) 

Module 4. How to Select a Machine Translation System 

Module 5. Training Machine Translation Systems 

Module 6. Building a Machine Translation-Friendly Supply Chain 

Module 7. How to Sell Machine Translation Services 

Module 8. Measuring and Improving Machine Translation Quality 

Module 9. Advanced Steps to Improve Machine Translation 

Module 10. Beyond Machine Translation: Linking to Other Technologies


"MT enables enterprises to provide more multilingual content on-demand. Further, MT accelerates the growth of LSPs that adopt it. LSPs and enterprises alike need to understand the technology, how to work with it, where it applies, and how best to deploy it," comments CSA Research senior analyst Dr. Arle Lommel. 


CSA Research’s structured and documented market research methodologies ensure comprehensive and independent data-driven research for LSPs, technology vendors, global enterprises, and investors. The reports and video modules are available to CSA Research clients. Find out more about CSA Research’s comprehensive coverage of MT technology at