October 2018

CX training and certification program

Research firm Forrester has announced the launch of its CX Certification product, a training program that builds the skills companies need to create better customer experiences.

The program offers a blend of hands-on learning and self-paced lessons in a digital learning platform, taught by Forrester experts drawing on more than 20 years of customer experience (CX) thought leadership.

While 73 percent of companies aim to be CX leaders, only 25 percent say their CX programs actually improve customer experiences. Companies with highly rated customer experiences increase revenue at twice the rate of those with poorly rated experiences, so brands that prioritize CX gain a clear financial upside. The value CX provides has created a tight talent market, and comprehensive CX training options are few. Forrester’s product matches the need of companies looking to train new or existing CX teams as well as individuals interested in moving into the burgeoning CX profession.

"Customer experience is a key differentiator across all industries, but most companies fail to provide quality experiences," Forrester chief research and product officer Cliff Condon said. "Our 2018 CX Index data reveals that CX improvement is stagnant for the third year in a row."

Forrester’s three-part CX Certification begins with a six-week online course in CX Foundations, which features six lessons focusing on topics such as journey mapping, CX measurement, and ROI modeling. Working in a collaborative and social learning environment, participants create real-world deliverables through interactive activities and short video lessons that are available on demand. Successful completion awards participants a signed certificate and badge to promote their certification.

 The next Foundation Course is scheduled to start on November 13, 2018. More information and registration is available at http://forr.com/cxcert.