July 2017

Image: © tekom

tekom launches blog on intelligent information

The new tekom blog, which is available at www.intelligent-information.blog, highlights the changes that have shaped the technical communication industry over the past few years.

Topics range from developing content that is designed for automation and reuse to strategic considerations for managing content as a business asset. All blog articles, infographics and videos are written and developed by a handpicked pool of authors with a thorough background in information development. Content is available in both English and German.

With the new blog tekom aims to strengthen its network of technical communicators and enhance the industry’s visibility and respectability. Its main purposes are

  • To cover all aspects of information and knowledge management
  • Inform about industry trends
  • Shed light on the different types of data and give suggestions for their organization and management
  • Provide information about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the systems that are already using AI
  • Report on theoretical and practical aspects of system architecture, design tools and techniques for intelligent information

As a link between technology and human thinking, intelligent information is ideally suited to support corporate objectives. This information can be provided in a personalized and dynamic manner: available to the right person at the right time and in the right format.