Leadership coaching provider DierkeHouben is now offering a 3-months program for next-generation C-level leaders. The program includes a 2-day intake session in Switzerland, a 5-day explorative leadership learning in Kenya, as well as 3 months of one-on-one coaching. Applications are now open and the early-bird discount applies until July 1st, 2019.

The business and translation management system Plunet BusinessManager is now available in version 7.4. A major change in Plunet 7.4 is the new workflow view, which offers users a simpler way of working with automated processes. Workflow templates can now be created and modified more easily than before.

BitcoinPlay has developed the infographic "What the Crypto!?" illustrating the history and impact of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The infographic provides an insight into the 25 most prominent cryptocurrencies, their story, and market impact. 

Market research firm Common Sense Advisory has published the report "Four Futures for Global Intelligent Content." It analyzes four content trends that promise to add value to the masses of information generated every second: how semantically enriched content is adding knowledge to content; why machine-generated material is exploding content volumes and changing the nature of text; how conversational interactions are transforming content requirements and building demand for new ways to record information about users and their relationship to content; and why the rise of speech-enabled and headless devices will require content intelligence. The report also offers recommendations for how to prepare for the rise of intelligent content.

Each touchpoint with customers can build or break the brand experience. And content is at the center of the customer journey. SDL’s recently published white paper "The 6 Dimensions of Customer Journey Continuity" explores the vital role of content in each of the six dimensions of the customer experience: your market presence, organizational structure, product release cycles, content governance, process automation, and customer relevance. The white paper can be downloaded free of charge.


Lingoport, Inc., a provider of software internationalization tools and services, has published the “i18n Quick Planning Guide” to help companies understand the process of preparing software to support local languages and cultural settings. The guide can be downloaded for free upon entering your details on the Lingoport website.

Evernex, a third-party maintenance provider for datacenter hardware and IT equipment has acquired A Systems, a third-party maintenance services provider in Brazil. Evernex operates through subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. A Systems was founded in 1996 and is today a market leader in the Brazilian third-party maintenance services market. 

December 2015

New book: A Practical Guide to XLIFF 2.0

Publisher XML Press has released a new book introducing the OASIS XLIFF standard. read more...
October 2015

Top ten strategic technology trends for 2016

Gartner, Inc. has highlighted the top 10 technology trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2016. read more...
October 2015

Lack of language skills among UK and US staff

Specialist translation and localization agency Conversis has released new research which reveals that many UK and US businesses are struggling to expand internationally because they can’t find employees with the appropriate language skills and cultural awareness.read more...
September 2015

tekom defines competences for technical communication

tekom has developed a cross-industry Competence Framework for Technical Communication. The framework identifies occupational profiles and outlines potential jobs throughout the broad professional field of technical communication. It provides clear, basic guidance for companies, employees, young professionals and people interested in the profession by helping them make the right decision regarding...read more...
September 2015

Study finds strong correlation between Web globalization and financial performance

Common Sense Advisory reveals that stronger global brands such as McDonald's and H&M have websites in more languages than their less-profitable competitors.read more...
August 2015

OASIS to develop standards for using Augmented Reality in information products

The OASIS open standards consortium is calling on technical communicators and Augmented Reality (AR) specialists to help define the way AR can be used in technical communication and information products. Standards developed by the new OASIS Augmented Reality for Information Products (ARIP) Technical Committee will make it easier to use AR for software and hardware instructions, training programs,...read more...
August 2015

TWIN forms International Advisory Board

The association Technical Writers of India (TWIN) has announced the formation of its International Advisory Board.read more...