Leveraging Data for Global Success: memoQ's Powerful Business Analytics for Localization

Achieve informed, data-driven business decisions: memoQ's Business Analytics allows you to leverage, analyze, and visualize data on customized charts, tailored to your company!


memoQ TMS' Business Analytics, a part of memoQ’s enterprise solution, introduces new functionality to help businesses further enhance localization and make more informed business decisions based on real-time data.

Business Analytics in memoQ TMS enables users to create and visualize advanced, customizable, and dynamic reports for their localization projects. Such reports include comparing total and weighted counts (leverage data) or creating detailed graphs based on quantitative data (volume data). This data-driven approach empowers project managers to analyze and share vital project data effortlessly and improve ROI on future localization projects.

Data-drivenness: The Foundation of a Reliable Localization Strategy

To succeed in global markets, effective communication is vital. Studies show that customers are more likely to make purchases when information is available in their native language. A data-driven localization strategy tailors content to local audiences, boosting awareness, sales, and ROI.

A key aspect of the data-driven approach is your project data's precise measurement and analytics. memoQ TMS' Business Analytics was designed to cater to diverse localization strategies, offering clear and customized reports for various stakeholders responsible for decision-making in localization efforts.

memoQ Business Analytics: Customized and Real-time Reports

With Business Analytics, localization teams can create custom visual reports, incorporating key insights from projects, such as project data, source information, import and export data, template names and file extensions, as well as document size and word count. Since no two companies’ workflows are the same, memoQ's team placed a strong emphasis on customizability, so that the charts always reflect the exact data needed at a given time. For further analysis outside memoQ TMS, .CSV exports can be downloaded.

By accessing these insights directly within memoQ TMS, project managers can refine their strategies and make real-time adjustments to localization efforts, leading to better ROI and more informed decisions for future projects. The visual representation enables users to analyze past performance, as well as compare and adjust projects based on available data.

All reports are shareable, and each user can personalize their Dashboard with cards featuring chart summaries. This provides easy access to project data and customized charts for all stakeholders in the localization process.

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