Upholding translation quality with highly specialized translators

Not all translation service providers are the same. Translation companies are often specialized by industry and types of translation; some use only translators, while others use a combination of translators and machine translation technology.

Text by Emmanuel Margetic


Upholding translation quality with highly specialized translators

Even though machine translation (or MT) continues to advance and can be helpful to get the gist of a document, human translation is still a critical component, particularly for translations of highly technical or publication-quality documents, such as patents or other legal documents. Machines can attempt to translate based on a stored glossary, on a linguistic corpus (sentence, phrase, or word based), or on a set of algorithms and mathematical formulas (rules-based or statistical). When technically precise translations are needed, the work should be done by human translators who are intimately familiar with both the meaning behind the words and the technical subject matter.

The advantages of a human translation for technical documents

Technical translation requires a combination of linguistic and technical knowledge. For example, a chemical patent should be translated by someone ...