CSA Research’s data-based services demonstrate the value of localization

Global uncertainty makes planning and budgeting very difficult for businesses looking for ways to maintain or increase growth. CSA Research’s data-based services detail the markets and languages that will bring faster and more profitable growth in 2023 and beyond.


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“This year’s strategic planning and budgeting represents a golden opportunity for localization managers to win over executives on the significance of localization investment as an engine of global growth during uncertainty,” comments Tahar Bouhafs, CEO, CSA Research. “Our data tools can set a company up for global success.”


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The data services developed by CSA Research enable global businesses to:

  • Predict the ROI of localization. Predictive ROI forecasts help you demonstrate the value of adding, dropping, and keeping languages. CSA Research’s Global Revenue Forecaster™ gives companies reliable forecasts to make smarter decisions and drive international revenue through targeted investment.
  • Attract and retain global customers. Does your localized site have what it takes to convert visitors into loyal customers? The Global Customer Experience Calculator helps increase market share through guidance on how to improve website localization to deliver a superior experience.
  • Which languages to invest in and what they are worth. The decision can be easy when a go-to-market strategy is based on data. The Economic Atlas of Languages calculates which languages provide the greatest ROI.
  • Benchmark a website’s language support. You are 75% more effective at selling to international customers when you speak their language. The Global Website Assessment Index allows companies to discover what languages their competitors offer, giving them a competitive edge.
  • Measure the online economic potential of languages. The firm’s multilingual digital opportunity reports document the overall value of languages so that organizations can build data-based language strategies that maximize revenue.

“Web analytics tell you where your current global customers come from. Our data services tell you about the ones you are missing because they never find you or they drop out when they cannot find a compelling experience, and they help you discover how to reach them,” comments Dr. Arle Lommel, senior analyst, CSA Research. “Rather than relying on gut instinct or defaulting to the status quo, growth-focused companies make decisions based on quantifiable and reliable data.”