Can we create happiness at work?

Happiness in the workplace helps engage staff, increase productivity, reduce errors, and even raise sales. Happiness is also infectious, which is why, by creating a better work environment, we might just contribute to a better, happier world.

Text by Eva Reiterer


Can we create happiness at work?

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Happiness at work doesn’t mean you have to love every single thing about work. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything, or that you don’t look forward to the weekends. It does, however, mean that you find a sense of fulfillment at work, that you generally enjoy what you do, and that on Sunday evenings, you might even find a smile on your face when thinking about going back to work the next day. If you already find this to be the case, congratulations! You’re among the lucky few. If, on Sunday evenings, however, you find yourself wishing to hide from the world or to trade everything for just a few more hours of freedom, and you wish to change that, this article is for you. It is also for you if you belong to the lucky few and simply want more of it.

“Happiness at work is not about eliminating all the bad stuff from your job. It’s about being happy at work even though ...