Technical writing in Korea and Japan: A strong focus on the user

For ten years, I have been attending the JTCA symposium, a leading conference for technical communication in East Asia held in Japan. Over the years I have learned that many managers of technical communication departments of Korean and Japanese organizations share a common concern: How to find qualified technical writers.

Text by Yangsook Kim


Technical writing in Korea and Japan: A strong focus on the user

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This concern has taken me on a quest to find out what knowledge and qualifications a technical writer needs, what kind of training we need to provide, and how we can help staff to develop into qualified technical writers. As the CEO of a tech comm company, I also wanted to find out how we can recognize suitable candidates for technical writing jobs and help them to enhance their skills.

To find answers, I looked abroad into markets where the tech comm community has been well established for decades. I read books and magazines published in the US and even attended US seminars. I quickly discovered, however, that the key focus of Japanese and Korean technical writers was completely different from that of American technical writers. American tech writers cover a huge product range from industrial machines, IT products, medical appliances, software solutions, heavy equipment, and ...