Content delivery portals: The future of modular content

How will content reach users in the future? Moreover, how can the interests of specific target groups be better considered? Special portals with intelligent search options are promising to solve this task. So what has already become reality and what are realistic visions?

Text by Wolfgang Ziegler Heiko Beier


Content delivery portals: The future of modular content

Image: © Anatoly Maslennikov/

Creating and managing modular information has become a broad topic in technical communication in the past years. [1]. This has led to component content management systems (CCMS) becoming widely used tools, the modular creation of content becoming the tool of many technical writers, and cross media publishing becoming the technical norm. However, what has not changed in many cases is the way published information is planned, created and accessed. The traditional document-based perspective of information often still rules here.

Additional systems and concepts have been emerging for some time now in the area of technical communication, which can be called Content Delivery Portals (CDP) [2]. These types of portals could shed new light on the modularity of content that has been propagated since decades. CDP are being promoted by different streams:

  • The product complexity that has increased ...