From PDF to a collaborative Information Digital Twin

Standardized asset information is crucial to improving operations and maintenance practices. However, most content is available in unstructured formats only. Information Digital Twins, created automatically from PDF documentation, offer a solution.

Text by Simone Turrin Jan Oevermann


Image: © mikkelwilliam/

Most component manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must deal with unstructured documentation in PDF or Word format. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enable the automated processing of unstructured documentation (out of PDF and/or Word files) in order to create Information Digital Twins that are then efficiently onboarded, enriched, and shared with the help of an Information Exchange Platform (IEP).

The digital data chain combines a standardized documentation exchange format (VDI 2770) and unique asset identification (IEC 61406) with an IEP. In an IEP, Information Digital Twins are created by component manufacturers and OEMs. Information Digital Twins are then enriched and shared with asset owners/operators, dealers, engineering partners, and external service providers (as part of what is called a digital asset handover).

Digital Data Chain

The Digital Data Chain ...