The future of Augmented Reality in the workplace

Augmented Reality (AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are well on their way to revolutionizing not only the way we work, but also what we – as technical communicators – deliver to customers. Coupled with improved wearable devices for hands-free work, these technologies have the power to increase productivity, efficiency and work quality.

Text by Rhonda Truitt Christine Perey


The future of Augmented Reality in the workplace

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It is the year 2022. Many products are built to order and to specification using 3D printing and advanced materials. When Joe arrives at the ACME workplace, he learns that the team responsible for the assembly of a new section of the latest wind turbine (that his company must deliver on time to a customer) has been summoned to repair another mission-critical system damaged in an overnight storm. Assembling the new section will now be Joe’s job. However, he has been working on other components and although he is familiar with the equipment, he is untrained for this delicate task.

After putting on his protective boots and garments, he puts his thumb on the fingerprint recognition pad and looks straight into the camera. A green light appears showing that he has been recognized and is cleared to choose a pair of form-fitting, transparent safety glasses with AR support from a rack. He ...