Appreciate and motivate

Studies by pollsters and neurobiologists emphasize a greater binding with the company and more creative performance, when a manager appreciates his employees. The attitude of a manager and how he communicates are crucial.

Text by Heidrun Wehmeyer Jutta Witzel


Appreciate and motivate

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Attitudes, values and convictions greatly influence leadership behaviour. The position assumed by a manager towards an employee is conveyed by his behaviour and type of communication. When you as a manager think that an employee cannot achieve a certain performance, it is expressed through your selection of words and body language. The employee gets the feeling that he is not valued, e.g. through your tone, your body language (lack of attention) or through sentences with suggestive words such as “Did you again forget that…?”

Your values and attitude are crucial. “If you as a manager believe that people can go beyond themselves, you lend your team wings to fly high. Encourage your team members according to their qualities and potential,” say Gerald Hüther, Neurobiologist, and Sebastian Purps, Coach [1]. Gerald Hüther calls this leadership behaviour “Supportive Leadership”.

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