Getting the job done – at home

Working from home is here to stay. What impact does it have on our productivity and how can we maintain it? A survey provides insights.

Text by Barbara Kardel-Piątkowska


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Three years after the start of the pandemic many of us still work from home or in a hybrid mode. Others, on the other hand, have been called back into the office as some employers believe that a high productivity level can only be achieved in a controlled work environment. But is that true?

I have been working from home for more than a decade, gathering experience in translation and technical communication. I started to work as a documentation specialist at Etteplan at the beginning of 2020, just before the first lockdown. Observing how people are coping with the sudden change in the work environment made me wonder how they feel it has impacted their everyday work and their productivity.

What exactly is productivity?

Productivity can be defined as the produced output compared with the input necessary to produce it.

Productivity = Output volume % Inputs used

In other words: The more ...