Bye-bye writer’s block

Almost everyone who regularly produces texts is familiar with writer’s block. And, technical writers suffer from this condition as well. A patent solution is lacking because what distracts one writer might motivate another. Nevertheless, there is something we can do against writer’s block.

Text by Markus Nickl


Bye-bye writer’s block

Image: © Andrei Shumskiy/

Writer’s block caused by an unsuitable working environment is the easiest to explain. Even the most disciplined technical writer will lose the plot with a jack hammer banging away nearby, when the room temperature resembles a Finnish sauna or the aftershave worn by the colleague appears to come from an “everything must go” kind of sale.

The question of what makes an inspiring work environment is more difficult to answer. While some might prefer seclusion and withdraw to their meticulously organized workplace, others might prefer to spend the afternoon at a café and write on their tablets. The only important thing is to know what works for your writing process. This can be harder than we would like. Often it is our own attitude that gets in the way: “It is work only when you do it at a writing table”. Or: “All cool people write at the café”.

No ideas? No problem

Technical writers don’t ...