Communicating with customers through blogs

Blogs are an ideal solution especially when communicating with business customers. Technical writers can prove their capabilities by writing captivating blogs.

Text by Markus Nickl


Communicating with customers through blogs

Image: © Pavel Semenov/

Plenty of objections to blogs can be found when one speaks with the usual cynics: "Blogs do not sell any products or goods", "Blogs are too time-consuming" or "Blogs are menaced by spam and critical comments". There is indeed a bit of truth in all these objections. Should you then stay away from blogging? Let us go through these points one by one.

Trust and sales

In fact, blogs only directly sell a product in the rarest of cases. But then, that is not really their job. Blogs create awareness and interest; they help in binding customers to your company and serve as credentials of competency. Overall, they strengthen the brand of the company and individual products.

In addition: Search engines love blogs. They mostly list them at the top of results pages and resultantly push up the number of hits on the company website and online-shop. Blogs should not be advertisement-oriented – who ...