Content that feels good: Addressing the reader’s senses

Soliciting emotions makes technical content, such as sales and training documents, more comprehensible and convincing. What options are available for making technical content more absorbing and to help win over the reader?

Text by Birgit Lutzer


Content that feels good: Addressing the reader’s senses

Image: © Parinya Binsuk/

The sheer quantity of printed documents accompanying a technical device is enough to irritate some customers. Manuals in several languages, promotional flyers and perhaps a request to participate in a lucky draw, place excessive demands on buyers and cause internal resistance. The result: Users either try to work out the functions themselves or they shelve the entire device.

During application training sessions, participants are often send to sleep by boring or highly complicated learning content. The written and verbal explanations including presentation slides with densely packed text seem to go over the head of most participants.

Sales and marketing managers have to sway their target, i.e., potential clients towards accepting an offer. Materials such as product sheets, information flyers or PDF files are used for this purpose. These are either sent before a meeting, offered for ...