Customizing DITA – the Relax(i)NG way

DITA was specifically designed to cater to a large range of content domains. But only when customized to your specific needs will it reveal its true power.

Text by Jang F.M. Graat


Customizing DITA – the Relax(i)NG way

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When someone asks me how many elements there are in DITA, I answer "too many and too few". This is because DITA, like other XML standards, defines its elements semantically. And how many semantic tags do you need to describe the content in your content domain?

The DITA standard contains the most used elements across most of the current content domains where it is being applied. But your content does not require all of those elements. At the same time, there is always something very special about your domain that others do not need at all. And of course, other domains have a need for semantics you would not even know how to apply.

DITA was specifically designed to cater to such a diverse universe of content domains. And because of its design, it makes little sense to use DITA without customizing it. Using non-customized DITA means not understanding what DITA is all about. This article ...