“Everyone who creates content needs to work together”

You knew it all along: there is a lot more to technical communication than creating user manuals and help systems. Companies today are aiming to communicate with one voice across all customer touchpoints and technical communicators are being pushed into the forefront of this trend labeled “customer experience”. tcworld magazine spoke with industry thought leader and content strategist Scott Abel.

Text by Corinna Melville


“Everyone who creates content needs to work together”

Image: © Kheng Ho Toh/ 123rf.com

Everyone is talking about customer experience, about the content era, about a new dawn on the tc horizon. Where do you see the future of technical communication?

Unfortunately, what you say is true. Everyone is talking about customer experience, but few are actually doing anything meaningful about it.

If you're looking for ways to improve the customer experience, take a close look at the way you produce content. Chances are, you'll discover that many of the frustrations your customers have with your brand are a direct result of their experience with the content you produce. Or, more specifically, a direct result of how your organization creates, manages, and delivers the information you provide to customers.

According to Gartner, 90 percent of organizations don't have a formal content strategy in place to ensure the content they produce is consistent across all customer touchpoints. ...