Faster than agile – live XML documents

Live XML content offers a vast number of opportunities for technical writers. However, its proper adoption requires a paradigm shift.

Text by Jang F.M. Graat


Faster than agile – live XML documents

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The Content Era is here

Who needs a table of contents or an index if we have Google? And, who needs Google if the info can be requested by an app and processed into shapes, graphs and colors that users learn to recognize much faster than their reading skills would ever allow?

We live in an era where content may be requested anywhere, anytime. Consumers of our content keep raising their demands – not for more content, but for more localized, more personalized and more technologically advanced content. We went from printed manuals to PDFs and from PDFs to web pages, and then to responsive HTML5 and embedded Help functionality. The consumers have changed, too. More target groups than ever may be accessing your content for a wider variety of reasons. Some of these groups are not even human. Recently, non-human users of the Internet have outnumbered human users. And all of these consumers ...