Learning without an agenda

Training has long since become more than just face-to-face instructions. Today, we can’t imagine living without online learning platforms, where learning is possible at any time, at your own pace and in an interactive environment. What other learning trends have taken hold? And how can technical writers benefit from them?

Text by Markus Nickl


Learning without an agenda

Image: © bowie15/ 123rf.com

Training has become an important area of work for technical writers. And a highly exciting one at that, one would say, because quite a lot has been happening in the fields of adult education and on-the-job training.

More duty than pleasure

In previous times, seminars usually weren’t pure pleasure. Clearly there have always been gifted trainers who managed to draw out the best out of a training. However, often enough seminars consisted of endless slides full of content grinding on blandly, interrupted by smoking breaks. It was therefore time that something changed. The first impetus came at the technical level with the emergence of e-learning offerings and web-based trainings. A seminar can be planned and prepared in more detail here. With this type of training, it became all the more important to motivate a learner without direct personal interaction and keep him engaged.

Technology ...