Making content flexible with responsive design

Technical communicators strive to provide high-quality content to users when and where they need it. With responsive design it is now possible to create content that automatically adjusts to the device.

Text by Nicoletta A. Bleiel


Making content flexible with responsive design

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Responsive web design is a transformative technology for technical communicators. With responsive design content adapts to the device – be it a desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or other. It gives technical writers the means to create content once and deliver it anywhere, to thousands of devices: new ones, older ones – even ones that don’t exist yet. Responsive design makes content flexible, so technical writers can focus on what they do best: developing high quality content.

Before I go any further, a quick explanation of what I mean by “responsive”. Responsive web design is a technique for designing web pages that automatically adjust to the device accessing them. No content is lost in responsive design; the content and the page layout simply adjust by stacking or collapsing. There is no horizontal scroll bar. Interactions – such as touch – are also components of responsive design.

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