Meeting a moving target

When I wrote the first version of this article, it was mid-March 2020, and the change to our world from COVID-19 was just starting. I had spent the day on the phone with clients. Projects were being rescheduled. Overseas trips were canceled. The World Health Organization (WHO) had just officially declared the spread of the virus a pandemic.

Text by Leah Guren


Image: © alphaspirit/

Today, it is early May. In the last seven weeks, I've watched the numbers in my home country jump from 100 identified cases and zero deaths to over 16,000 cases and 230 deaths. Here in Israel, we have had to stay inside and keep in strict isolation while everything shut down. We've worried about our economy and our livelihoods, but we have not suffered from major shortages or massive hardships. We have watched in great sadness the horrors unfolding in China, Italy, Spain, Iran, Germany, New York City and many other parts of the United States.

I have been profoundly grateful for a profession that allows me to carry out work projects from home. Instead of going to my clients' sites, I have Zoom meetings. It isn't perfect, but we are making it work. After all, as a veteran of the TechComm industry, I have already experienced the need for quick adaptation to rapidly changing situations. I ...