Rebooting with bots: The future of (assisted) technical documentation

In recent years, bots have come a long way and many organizations are successfully using them to assist customers. But how will they change the landscape of technical communication?

Text by Alberto Ferreira


Rebooting with bots: The future of (assisted) technical documentation

Image: Robot Romeo © Sandro Salomone/Softbank Robotics

The fear of robots taking over the world, or at least our jobs, is an ongoing concern in the media. Business magnate Elon Musk recently suggested in a CNBC interview that robots can and will take away jobs from their human creators, and that governments will have to subsidize the unemployed population. In 2013, an Oxford University study set the number of U.S. jobs to be replaced by automated technology in the next decade or two at 47 percent.

This might seem a distant vision, but the fact is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already a reality. A number of industries actively use AI to complement their activities: Medical services use it to interpret medical images, reducing the error margin and biases in human diagnosis. Banks routinely use algorithms to detect fraudulent claims and operations, which are then analyzed by human counterparts. Travel companies use AI to predict fare ...