Technical communication gains ground at Chinese universities

The profession of technical communication is still in its infancy in China. But this is set to change as the demand for trained tc professionals is growing steadily. Fudan University in Shanghai recently introduced students to this promising sector.

Text by Monica Xie


Technical communication as a profession was introduced to China only in the late 20th century when international enterprises were establishing their R&D centers in China. At almost the same time, local enterprises such as Huawei started to develop technical information.

On the educational side, foreign professors were invited to give technical communication seminars in higher education institutions. Originally, only a few universities like Xi'an International Studies University and Peking University offered courses in technical communication.

However, in 2015, technical communication started to gain more attention from higher education institutions. Today, more than ten universities offer courses in tc and the number keeps growing. One institute has even established a technical communication department.

One of the challenges that universities face is the shortage of technical ...