Technical product information impacts brand perception

Technical product documentation has always been an important component of a company’s sales offerings, but in recent years it has started to play a much larger role in the overall customer purchase experience. A survey conducted by SDL highlights where in the customer journey technical documentation offers valuable touchpoints.

Text by Arjen van den Akker


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Although it was clear that quality documentation continued to play a part even after a purchase was made, one surprising result of the recent SDL survey was the value that customers now place on technical documentation before completing their purchase. The full report, which summarizes the results of this survey, is available on the SDL website.

Global market preferences

What stood out in the responses globally is that there is an increased demand for high quality product content from companies, and in particular manufacturers, to drive not only purchase decisions but to build brand loyalty. Technical content is not just used to set up a newly purchased product, it is also often the first place people go to troubleshoot a problem. This is online technical content, instead of a printed manual that might have come with the product.  

For a significant number of consumers, both ...