Technical writers and social media

A recent tekom study, which included 1595 participants – mostly tekom members – investigated the use of social media, including Web 2.0, e.g. forums and rating platforms. Another focus lay on the use of networks such as facebook, XING or LinkedIn. The spread of tablet PCs and smartphones, as well as the use of tekom web forums was also studied.

Text by Ute Klingelhöfer


Technical writers and social media

The first point of interest was how actively or passively used Internet offerings such as forums, product rating site, media platforms for photos, videos and presentations are. tekom wanted to know whether the use was restricted to reading contributions or viewing media or whether participants also published contributions themselves.

Basically, product ratings, contributions to forums and videos are viewed most frequently, by around 80 percent of the survey particpants. Blogs, photo and presentation platforms are used by less than 50 percent respectively. The proportion of passive users is significantly higher in case of platforms vis a vis active users. The greatest difference can be found in the use of video platforms such as YouTube or vimeo. While 82.8 percent of survey respondents stated that they view videos there, only 13.1 percent upload their own videos. In contrast, the hurdle ...