The Language of Technical Communication, ed. Ray Gallon

Although technical communication is well-suited to those with a comprehensive knowledge of many subjects, the rate at which information doubles by now can race past even the most encyclopedic of minds.

Text by Natalia Lincoln


The Language of Technical Communication, ed. Ray Gallon

In the deceptively slim volume titled The Language of Technical Communication, a wide-ranging lexicon of terms both familiar and new is presented by 52 separate experts in the field, distilling a great deal of information down by topic into brief, pithy chapters. The uniformity of these bite-sized chapters bears out editor Ray Gallon’s intention to "practice what we preach," i.e. make use of technical communication techniques to illustrate technical communication topics.

Beyond providing a welcome consistency, these techniques make it easy to find and absorb information. The Language of Technical Communication itself, neither a textbook nor a reference, can be read through in its entirety or consulted on individual topics. As trainer/consultant Mark Baker explains under "Topic-Based Authoring": "Readers are increasingly information-snacking on small pieces of content […]" rather than ...