Three collaboration tools for technical communicators

Are you working in a distributed documentation team? Then consider these software solutions that will make your job easier and facilitate teamwork.

Text by Nicoletta A. Bleiel


Three collaboration tools for technical communicators

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Ten years ago, I gave a talk at the STC Summit called "Cool Tools for Tech Writers for $100 or Less" that featured tools that could be used to automate file backup, create and edit icons, create characters, edit images, take screen captures, remove document metadata, and more. Most of those tools were useful for performing the "solo" tasks of technical communication.

But times are different now, and while we still need the tools I talked about then, in 2017 "cool tools" must include collaboration features for the entire development team, because so many of us work in global teams that are using Agile software development methodologies. Collaboration tools… 

  •  can be accessed from anywhere via the Web,
  • allow synchronous communication, and
  • include social features.

There are a number of collaboration tools for software development teams that can be used separately or in tandem. ...