Wikidata at work

Wikidata is a large-scale, non-profit knowledge base that anyone can edit and use. Applications that are intuitive to use and powerful interfaces for programmers make it a versatile tool for a large variety of usage scenarios – including knowledge discovery, content enrichment, terminology work, and translation.

Text by Christian Lieske Felix Sasaki


Wikidata at work

Image: © Radachynskyi/

Wikidata is an environment for collaborative work in the field of data and information. Built on the ideas of Linked Data/the Semantic Web, it currently provides information on more than 50 million items. Hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikidata provides an open source for modern content creation. In this article, we look at how content creators can use Wikidata, the "magic" behind it, and the Wikidata tooling. Furthermore, the article touches on some loose ends and calls to action. The goal is to stimulate an open discussion on content creation processes as exemplified by Wikidata.

How Wikidata can help

We live in a world of constant change, and for many of us there is a need for lifelong learning. Learning often means exploring parts of the world that we have not really seen before.

For example, let’s say that you want to explore the world of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial ...