Content tiering: How much and what should we translate?

With increasing revenue from global markets, companies are faced with the question of what material to make available for international customers. Content tiering – prioritizing information for localization – is one way to meet this challenge.

Text by Rebecca Ray


Content tiering: How much and what should we translate?

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Revenue from emerging markets represents sizable chunks of total revenue for many companies nowadays. The nature of documentation is changing as more and more of it is accessed through the cloud and made available via mobile devices. At the same time, localized content volumes continue to grow as higher numbers of languages are delivered at much faster rates than in the past.

These factors lead translation and localization managers to ask the following question: “How do we decide which pieces of content to translate, and how deep should we go?” This article discusses the typical mistakes that translation buyers make when it comes to content prioritization and how to avoid them, the parties with the power to make content tiering happen, and guidelines for developing content-tiering criteria.

Localization teams get lost on the road to content prioritization

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