Don’t let global content missteps trip you up

C-level executives ignore the power of global content at their own risk – neglecting or mismanaging it can negatively impact brand value, the bottom line, and even their own career paths.

Text by Rebecca Ray


Don’t let global content missteps trip you up

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Companies still learn the hard way that almost all the content they publish – or that is created by their customers and prospects – is global. Whether or not content is translated or intended for a specific audience, all viewers have access to it and make their opinions heard at the global level – especially if they have negative feelings. As content plays a larger strategic role in business success, organizations are looking for ways to do a better job to world-proof the words, images, and audio that project their brand. In this article, we describe the challenge of global content missteps, provide examples, and offer advice on how to avoid becoming a bad localization meme.

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