Driving digital transformation on a global scale

Supporting a digitally enriched customer journey right across all markets is no easy task. It involves far more than introducing new interfaces or apps. What organizations really need is to upgrade their global strategies.

Text by Rebecca Ray


Driving digital transformation on a global scale

Driving digital transformation on a global scale

It’s rare to go for more than 24 hours without receiving an email that references "digital transformation" in some way. Organizations of all types – commercial, government, NGOs, non-profits, and educational institutions – spend a lot of time discussing the challenges and changes required by digitalization. But who’s taking responsibility for the global ramifications of these initiatives? How are companies measuring success or failure? How will global content evolve as a result?

Based on in-depth interviews with C-level executives across various industries and a survey of 53 content marketing and localization managers, CSA Research shares how challenges and responsibilities for digital transformation are perceived and managed.

How does the commercial sector define global digital transformation?

Some executives refer only to what's going on in their marketing organizations when CSA ...