Evolving in a world of Neural Machine Translation: "Automatic for the People"

Neural MT has pushed anyone working in the translation and localization industry to change their game plan. So, how do we adapt to the age of the enhanced multilingual machine?

Text by Dominique Puls


Image: © everything possible/123rf.com

It is not always easy to find the right words for significant discoveries in human history. How to describe new-found models and techniques? I recently spoke about my work and the topic of Machine Translation to a friend, who described the technology as "automatic for the people" – an album title by the band REM. This seminal piece of art, released on October 5th, 1992, sold 18 million copies and was a milestone in the band’s history – a completely new direction of their sound!

In the localization and translation industry, we have reached a significant milestone in past years and have broken down the language barrier. With the introduction of Neural Machine Translation, we have made translation "automatic for the people": a powerful productivity tool that simply cannot be ignored. Progressive LSPs are integrating the technology into their workflows to stay competitive, to speed up ...