Mistranslations and cultural faux pas can damage brand reputation

The way brands prepare for and respond to an international crisis has a huge impact on their reputation. A new report highlights the importance of considering the linguistic and cultural background of stakeholders.

Text by Gary Muddyman


Mistranslations and cultural faux pas can damage brand reputation

Image: © Kenishirotie/istockphoto.com

With the increasing influence of social media, just one negative comment from a major influencer can spark an international crisis for global organizations. Social media has added an overwhelming complexity to crisis management, with multiple channels, user messaging and real-time delivery making the job far more difficult.

Integrating social media into a crisis communications response is a must, not necessarily to directly communicate with everyone you’re connected to, but to provide resources and accessibility to the journalists and key influencers to propagate your message, and to all stakeholders that need a platform to find relevant and real-time information from the source.

The digital age has fundamentally changed the way communications professionals have to manage crisis communications. In a new report titled The importance of understanding language and culture when managing an ...