Move the world with words

A book review on Smartling's Move the World with Words, published in September 2019

Text by Elke Schulz


Image: © Smartling

Every day millions of people click, swish and swipe on websites and apps without ever wasting a thought on the language they are using. But who are the people behind the scenes that breathe life into content and power the digital experiences that we consume every day? To shine a light on the translators who make all this possible, Smartling, a localization software and services company, published the book Move the World with Words in September 2019. The book is a joint effort between freelance author and photographer Elizabeth Brentano and editor Adrian Cohn, director of Brand Strategy and Communication, at Smartling.

Move the World with Words is a lovely book that takes you on a journey to explore the lives of a dozen Smartling translators who live in rural areas in Spain and France just as in bustling cities such as New York, Istanbul and Sao Paulo. Each of the twelve chapters is ...