Raising productivity of automated translation: The factor of terminology

To reveal the benefits of terminology management and promote its use, linguistic services and technologies provider ABBYY Language Services conducted research to evaluate the impact of terminology management on automated translation. Here is what the company found.

Text by Artem Ukrainets Anna Sidorova


Raising productivity of automated translation: The factor of terminology

Image: © Sergey Kulikov/ 123rf.com

Professional translators can hardly imagine their job without glossaries. Improper or inconsistent use of terms is the source of many (if not most) errors, which Language Service Providers (LSP) report on bad translations. This regularly leads to customer complaints. With tremendous technological breakthroughs in the translation industry during the past two decades, the urgency for proper terminology management has increased. The translators’ former personal reference materials, glossaries and translation memories (TM) have become a company’s linguistic assets.

The proliferation of Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools and the emergence of Machine Translation (MT) technology integrated into some of these CAT tools have been in the spotlight for several years already. One of the most important questions today is how technology improves human productivity and what needs to be done to ...