How to gather and apply user feedback in agile software development

A customer-centered approach and the use of customer feedback have a positive effect on your company. Here are some recommendations that tech writers can follow to improve software documentation and customer satisfaction.

Text by Maiken Blok


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The rapid developments in the software industry put pressure on business software providers. Software users demand user-friendly, comprehensible user interfaces as well as feature sets that support their business processes.

However, many software providers do not have a structured way to collect user feedback. In such cases, customers can usually provide input through the support channel. Some ideas are then taken into consideration for software development, but only if either enough customers have raised the issue or a single important stakeholder demands change. In other words, those customers with the loudest voice decide what to change if they are unhappy or even threaten to leave.

Wouldn’t it be better to find out what the majority of users want and use their feedback on an ongoing basis in a structured manner?


User feedback collection and analysis

To improve the product, it ...