Playing your way to better content management and collaboration

From subject matter experts to content creators, project managers and even translation and localization experts, content management projects involve a lot of people, rendering these projects complex and challenging. The classic game of Snakes & Ladders – adapted to the world of content management – provides a playful tool for people to come together and discuss pathways to a successful project.

Text by Nolwenn Kerzreho Joe Gollner


Playing your way to better content management and collaboration

The role of games in project planning

Using games to help people work through challenges is not a new idea. Games help people to think through and talk about topics that might be difficult to discuss in a formal business setting. The point is to allow people to simplify issues and to discuss them in a way that is intentionally lighthearted and enjoyable. While exploring the possible use of the Snakes & Ladders game for project planning, we were driven by the belief that people feel more at ease about sharing ideas and discussing issues when designing a game than they would be in a marathon project planning session. We further believed that the real value lay not so much in playing the game as in working together to design a game that reflects a shared reality.

Snakes & Ladders, an ancient game from India, is considered a "virtue game" in that it promotes good actions (ladders) and ...