Soliciting customer feedback in today’s global social world

Customer feedback enables smart business decisions. For valuable feedback, ask specific questions and never lose sight of the bigger picture.

Text by Rebecca Ray


Soliciting customer feedback in today’s global social world

Localization managers often find it difficult to provide timely, high-quality feedback from international customers. Colleagues in product marketing question which localized versions to produce in the first place. Digital marketers seek insights on what the competition is doing in local markets. Those responsible for translation want to verify linguistic quality. This article covers what feedback to solicit, who to gather it from, how to collect it, and what to do with it once you have it.

Choose specific topics when gathering local input

Before asking people in local markets what they think, develop a questionnaire to focus your discussion. Improving the customer experience (CX) is central to most feedback initiatives, so feel free to ask about product design, end-of-life for a current service, and anything in between. Investigate how your products and services are presented to, sold ...